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Our team isn’t new to the parking scene. In fact, we have a combined 25 years of parking experience – long enough to know that it was time to change the way people think about parking. So in 2012, we came up with a parking solution of our own: open Nashville’s only full-service parking company. Now we are known nationwide for our expertise in parking solutions.

Our goal is to provide our clients with real parking solutions that make a difference in their bottom line and their customers’ experience. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to parking management because that’s just not who we are. Our motto: Park between the lines. Think outside the lines.

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we’re one of the nations top, full-service parking companies and we’ve got your parking needs covered every time, everywhere.

Self Parking

Let us take your parking facility to the next level.

Revenue Control & Analysis: The devil is in the details and we love details. Our revenue control procedures are quite simply, under control. We’re committed to transparency in everything we do. We provide a breakdown of how many spots are sold and at what cost so that you have accurate facts to make an educated decision.

Audits: You say audit. We say bring it. Audits are often necessary in the parking business. We make sure you’ve got the facts and figures you need to back up every single transaction.

Maintenance: Your customers deserve a safe, clean and enjoyable parking experience and we work hard to make that happen. Paying attention to maintenance means you care about your customers. Caring about your customers and their parking experience means repeat business.

Quality Staffing: No one likes the zombie parking attendant who can’t stop texting long enough to help a customer. We don’t hire zombies. Our staff cares about providing helpful solutions for your customers. We make sure they know how to answer questions about hours, rules, rates or special events. We understand that our staff is a direct reflection of you, and we take that seriously. No zombies allowed.

Reporting: We’re pretty much the mathletes of parking and crunching numbers is our thing. We also love turning all those numbers into some good-looking, detailed reports. You need the numbers, we make sure you get the right ones.

Automation: It may not be the most exciting topic in the parking industry, but it’s definitely one of the most important. Automation can save you money and make your garage or lot more profitable. And the good news is, we have years of experience working with automation equipment. We know just about everything there is to know about equipment maintenance, automation vendors and system capabilities. So when it comes to automation, don’t you want an expert on your side?

Event Parking

Music festivals to concerts, marathons to 5Ks, NFL games to car shows – this team has parked them all!

Permits/Barricades and Police: We’re red tape pros and we love jumping through hoops. You have other things to worry about for your event so let us gather the proper permits, set up the barricades and coordinate with police.

Logistics: We analyze your event’s parking needs and options so that we can optimize spaces and ensure a timely ingress and egress. We think about this stuff all the time and trust us, it may not sound important, but we can assure you that there are few things worse than a parking lot traffic jam.

Staffing: We have a large network of awesome, hard-working parking staff who love parking just as much as we do. They have a lot of experience working different events in all sorts of crazy conditions. There is no better team of professionals to manage your parking.

Safety: We think about safety a lot—the safety of our clients, your customers and our team. We make sure we have the proper barricades, cones and security that your event needs. Plus, we make sure our folks are outfitted with reflective vests and traffic wands that would make Luke Skywalker jealous.

Money: We protect your money like you would. Because let’s be honest, we’re honest. When it comes to audits, reporting, credit card processing and everything in between, we cross our T’s, dot our I’s and count your pennies.


Your event isn’t average, your valet company shouldn’t be either.

A Grand Production: Your event takes center stage. We’ll just shine the spotlight for you. Appearance is everything and we take ours very seriously. You’ll notice the difference from the moment we arrive. From the design of our valet tickets to the appearance of our drivers, we’re the best looking valet team in town.

And here is the fun part! We will change our style to match your event. You want us in nice corporate polos and shorts? No problem. Tie and vest? We can do that too. Your valet wish is our command. Seriously.

A Different Kind of Valet Company: Unlike the other valet companies on the block, we are a full-service parking company. We’ve got valet and parking down to a science. This means we can beat just about anyone when it comes to customizing the best valet ingress and egress to suit your event. And, our valet staff is fast. Olympic sprinter fast, but when we get into a car we know how to slow our roll.


Your needs are unique and your solution should be too.

Let’s Talk: You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Actually, we’ve got solutions. Give us your lot and garage problems and we’ll identify ways to turn it all around. We’ll research your current operation – marketing, revenue and everything in between – and then we’ll get to work figuring out where there’s room for improvement.

Let’s Make a Plan: Once we know what you’re working with, we’ll give you some thoughtful and innovative solutions for your marketing approach, cash handling procedures, layout, maintenance, signage and any other improvements that might help your bottom line.

But Wait, There’s More: Don’t worry, our relationship doesn’t have to end there. We’ll even help train staff, prepare operating and staff schedules and set you up for improved automation reporting. No matter what, we’re not done until you’re satisfied.

Parking Management Company

SPS is now part of PMC

Parking Management Company realizes your guest’s first impression is most important.
All valets are specially trained for outstanding professional customer service on all levels.

call us when…

  • You want to make a parking profit but don’t have the time to think about how.
  • Your event has a lot of people, but not a lot of parking space.
  • You want to give your guests a first-class experience outside to match the first-class experience inside.
  • You want a parking partner who cares about your bottom line just as much as our own.
  • You need a friend. We’re good at that too.

call us for…

  • Sporting, entertainment and special event parking
  • Garage & lot management
  • Park & ride services
  • Parking operation consulting
  • Hotel, restaurant, special event and commercial valet services

meet the parking staff

these people are pretty awesome, there’s no team that parallels.

(yes, we’re going to make “parallels” work.)

Matt Horner, Operations Manager,

Area of Expertise: Self Parking and Event execution master

-Laid back dude, but his brain is always racing!
-Believes in lookin' his best and workin' his hardest
-Watch out for his one-liners!
-Kentucky Wildcats superfan

"SPS Parking Solutions is a trusted and valued partner of the Metropolitan Sports Authority. The customer service and integrity of their team is impeccable. With great pleasure, I highly recommend their services."

Kim Adkins // Chair, Nashville Metropolitan Sports Authority

SPS Parking Solutions

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